eCommerce Partnerships


  • Fast-track route into the world of eCommerce
  • Gets you immediate access to experience and expertise that would take years to develop internally
  • Allows you to concentrate your core business, avoiding potentially costly distractions
  • Shared-risk arrangements are possible where both parties share in the possible risks and possible rewards of the partnership.
  • Avoids otherwise potentially prohibitive start-up costs
  • Opens a new sales channel for traditional “real world” retail businesses
  • Offers the potential to keep you ahead of the competition


eCommerce Payment and Security

Intensifying competition and changing shopping habits mean that many hitherto highly successful “real world” retailers now face the rather daunting prospect of extending their operations into the virtual world of the Internet.

Whilst large organisations have access to the resources necessary for such an undertaking, few small-to-medium sized organisations have the money, expertise or spare management capacity to undertake this transition in a way that is likely to succeed. Instead they are either forced to defer their plans indefinitely or launch their eCommerce initiatives on a home-grown have-a-go-and-hope basis. Sadly this rarely leads to success, more often resulting in disappointment and wasted time & money. That is where we come in!

We can enter into a partnership with you whereby we run some or all of your eCommerce operation on your behalf whilst you continue to work with your existing routes to market, customers, products and suppliers. In affect you get a whole new channel to market, expertly deployed and operated, with minimal cost, risk or effort.

Could an eCommerce Partnership Help You?

If you want to get into online trading, or improve the performance of your current online activities then an eCommerce partnership could be an ideal solution for you.

They are of particular value when time, money, manpower or expertise are in short supply or when there is a particular onus on minimising the risk associated with going online.

Our ability to offer novel funding options ranging from a traditional fixed-cost contract to full cost and profit sharing should appeal to all budgets and risk-appetites.

Our Approach

Board Meeting

We realise that your business is unique and therefore we tailor our eCommerce Partnerships to suit each specific situation. We pride ourselves on being highly flexible, adapting our approach to the needs and requirements of each of our individual clients.

We offer anything from a “full-spectrum” service, where we create, administer and operate the eCommerce website, eMarketing (the promotion of the site online), handle order & payment processing, fulfilment (the packaging & shipment of the goods to the Customer) and Customer Service.

Alternatively we can provide any subset of these services if that is a better solution for you.

Whatever the agreement you can rest assured that we will treat your Customers with the utmost dedication to ensuring their total satisfaction; we realise that maintaining and strengthening your reputation is they key to our own long term success!