Internet Marketing


  • Get your website, products and services noticed
  • Can be linked to Web Analytics to give a quantitative assessment of the performance of the Internet Marketing (also known as eMarketing) initiative
  • Offers the potential to keep you ahead of the competition
  • Can be integrated into a general marketing campaign or operated as a standalone initiative
  • Low cost compared with the equivalent traditional marketing activity
  • Tends to have a long-term benefit as well as a short-term one


Marketing On The Up

Internet Marketing (also known as eMarketing) is a term that encompasses a related family of activities all aimed at promoting your online presence and thereby increasing your online success.

Although it has many facets, the four primary activities of eMarketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); the use of various techniques to enhance a website’s position in Search Engine results pages when certain key terms are searched for.
  2. Paid For Advertising. The most common form of this is Pay Per Click (PPC, also known as Cost Per Click) advertising whereby adverts are displayed online but only incur cost when a potential client actually clicks on the advert and is taken to the advertiser’s website.
  3. Conversion Optimisation. A Conversion occurs when a site Visitor undertakes whatever specific action the website seeks to achieve. For many sites, a user converts if they buy a product, sign-up for a newsletter, or download a file. Enhancements and adaptations made to a website in order to increase the proportion of Visitors that go on to be complete a Conversion is known as Conversion Optimisation.
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM); the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service.

Could Internet Marketing Help You?

“Build it and they will come” is a misnomer when it comes to building websites, as anyone that has owned one knows. However, sadly, this is a trap that many organisations that are new to the online world fall into. The reality is that if you simply build a website but undertake no eMarketing then you will receive few Visitors for the simple reason that it will be difficult for them to find.

If you are just entering the world of online business for the first time, or have been online for a while but are disappointed with the results, then eMarketing could be for you.

Examples of situations where Internet Marketing could be of particular importance include:

  1. To kick-start the launch of a new website.
  2. To publicise a new product or promotion.
  3. To take advantage of a seasonal event such as Christmas.
  4. To compensate for competitive pressures.
  5. To build brand image.
  6. To achieve an increase in Return on Investment from your website.

Our Approach

Internet Marketing Cycle

The starting point for all of our eMarketing assignments is to use either the existing or newly implemented Web Analytics system to establish a numerically quantified baseline for the current situation.

Thereafter we establish clear, quantified, objectives for the piece of work that is to be undertaken, thereby allowing our performance to be easily evaluated throughout the assignment.

Each stage of the project is guided by a high-level project plan and is executed using a combination of sophisticated software tools relevant to the task in hand and the expertise of our experienced eMarketing Analysts.

Microsoft Partner Network

We have formal partnerships in place with key technology providers such as Microsoft and so also have access to their expertise and resources should it be needed.

Throughout the process we maintain close liaison with our Clients, although in many cases our relationship with them evolves to the point that we come to be considered an integral part of their own organisation and are often given a high degree of autonomy to act upon their behalf.