Website Creation, Optimisation & Hosting


  • Experienced Designers and Developers with a proven track record
  • Sites built from the bottom-up to take into account the site’s commercial objectives
  • Many features built-in as standard to facilitate the later promotion of the site once launched
  • Choice of development methodologies and technologies to suit all budgets
  • Highly flexible professional services
  • Site hosting and domain registration services available


Website Planning Overview

An attractive, efficient and effective website is the essential foundation upon which your online success will be built. Indeed having a sound online presence has become as essential to today’s business as having a telephone was ten years ago.

Nowadays websites come in many guises from simple “static” sites comprising a few pages of information that is rarely changed through to complex interactive sites comprising thousands of pages of dynamic content.

An eCommerce site is a particular category of website that incorporates functionality specifically tailored to performing online retail transactions. This would be such things as the ability to display a catalogue of products, the ability to assemble a collection of products into a virtual shopping cart and the ability to process Customer payments online.

It is common for different categories of site to be intermingled to create a hybrid site. For example, we have several Customers that have traditional informational websites merged with eCommerce sites, Blogs etc.

Tools and services are widely available to facilitate the creation of a website and the simplest sites can be constructed with little experience and at a minimal (or even zero) cost.

Could Our Website Creation, Optimisation and Hosting Service Help You?

Situations where our Website Creation, Optimisation and Hosting service could be of particular relevance to you include:

  1. If you are just entering the world of online business for the first time and so do not have the in-house experience to do so confidently.
  2. You have an existing website but are disappointed with the results or consider it to be in need of updating or revamping.
  3. You have an existing website and now wish to extend its functionality, for example by adding eCommerce capabilities or Blog functionality.
  4. You have an existing website, but are unhappy with your existing hosting arrangements.

Our Approach

Website Globally Connected

Just as there are myriad types of website so are there many different approaches to creating them. Many different factors influence the choice of methodology including the size and purpose of the site to be built, the budget available and the plan for maintaining and updating the site in the future.

When determining how to create your site this latter point is of particular importance. Although we endeavour to forge a long-term relationship with our Clients, we actively seek to avoid creating a situation whereby you are locked into using us after the site has been built.

The first step of any design and build project is for us to document and agree upon the requirements for the new site, including its business objectives and any look and feel guidelines that are to be respected.

The appearance of the new site is then designed. Depending upon the circumstances one of three alternative approaches are adopted:

  1. If a larger, unique site of sophisticated appearance is required then our Graphic Designer will design the look and feel of the site. Upon ratification of the design by our Client this will then be passed to our Web Developers to implement.
  2. In the case that a project has a budget constraint that precludes the involvement of our professional Graphic Designer then a lower-cost route is to base the new design upon an existing design. If required we have over 30,000 professionally designed website and eCommerce templates that you can choose from as the basis of the look-and-feel of the new site. This still allows a sophisticated end result to be created but at a fraction of the cost of creating a one-off design.
  3. For a simple site our Web Developers will just style the site themselves in accordance with the design specification. This is the lowest cost option but still results in a professional outcome for smaller, simpler sites.