What We Do


We help our Clients to achieve commercial success on the Internet.

The Internet has revolutionised the way that both individuals and organisations interact. Over the last 5 years this change has rapidly spread into all forms of commerce. Initially this expansion was spearheaded by large, corporate, entities but it is now clear that all enterprises, whatever their size or type, must embrace the Internet as a vital part of their business model.

In 2008, Internet sales represented 9.8 per cent of the value of all sales of UK non-financial sector businesses. The value of these sales rose to £222.9bn in 2008, an increase of 36.6 per cent from the 2007 figure. This rate of growth has continued to the current day and shows no sign of abating.

Both new start-ups and established businesses that have already achieved some success “in the physical world” must now learn how to find success online. That’s where we come in!

Stand Out In The Crowd

We can help you to take on your competition – and win!

Although the Internet provides a “level playing field”, allowing small companies to compete in markets that were previously beyond their reach, it is also the source of intense competition. It is estimated that by 2008 (the last year for which official figures are currently available) over 73% of all UK businesses had a website; their use of the Internet allows them to break down previous competitive barriers such as location and making it easy for an increasingly technologically sophisticated customer-base to shop around before making a purchase.

For this reason merely “being on the Internet” is not enough, with many companies experiencing disappointment following their initial foray into the online world. The reality is that to succeed on the Internet requires a good degree of expertise and determination.

Fortunately trading online generates an unparalleled source of information about your customers, prospective customers and competitors. If utilised correctly this can become the cornerstone of fact-based commercial decision-making; in other words it can provide “Actionable Insight”. This is what lies at the heart of Web Analytics“the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimising web usage”.

Web Analytics can give your business the edge, setting it apart from the competition and allowing you to take business decision based upon solid facts rather than just opinion, hope or gut-feeling. Many global, world-leading, organisations base their success upon this approach. Now so can yours – unleash the Analytics!!!


“We were collecting A LOT of web data with Google Analytics, but didn’t really know what to do with it. It felt like we had a very messy desk piled high papers and no filing system to sort it all out. Since our product is primarily sold online, we needed to understand how customers behaved on our site. WAL helped us create a foundation to organize our website data and then trained us how to use Google Analytics to its full potential. In no time, we were reading results and getting actionable data. After the initial configuration support and training, we hired WAL to be our on-call analytics department. Whenever we need help, WAL is there to setup online campaigns, help track specific website tests and answer questions.”
Dermot Dennehy
“We commissioned Web Analytics Limited to redesign our website at the beginning of the year and are delighted with the finished product. As a result of our new look website the number of visits to the site has doubled and we have had numerous positive comments about its layout and design. The follow up training from WAL was excellent and we are now able to edit and manage the site ourselves. I would happily recommend Web Analytics Limited to anyone!”
Ghislaine Bowden
“I was very impressed with the expertise I received from Neil at Web Analytics Limited. His patience with my questions and concerns, as with his personal attention to my site, went far beyond any other customer service I've ever had. This is a business that cares about other businesses and it surely shows. I would recommend Web Analytics Limited’s services to any business looking for quality customer service.”
Kenneth C. Fry

How We Do It

We offer a full-spectrum service designed to help you to succeed on the Internet

Our aim is to offer a highly personalised service, fully tailored to your unique needs.

Following your initial enquiry we work with you to ensure that we have proper understanding of your organisation and its requirements. Typically we will then give you an itemised proposal allowing you to fine-tune the final scope of work in accordance with both your budget and priorities.

Each piece of work is different but they typically draw upon one or more of our four core areas of expertise:

Whatever the exact mix of services involved, each of our projects is characterised by the gathering of analytical data and its subsequent use to steer later stages of the work, thereby assuring successful optimisation. For example, an online advertising campaign would be honed and tuned on the basis of the onsite behaviour of the website visitors that the campaign is actually generating.

Where available, comparative and benchmark data is used to measure the level of achievement obtained and to steer further optimisation.

The focus upon understanding, and then satisfying, your needs is then maintained throughout the project. Our aim is to forge a strong relationship with you that evolves into a long-term partnership.

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