Assignment Overview – Build Africa

Client Profile

Build Africa Logo

Build Africa is a dynamic charity working in rural Uganda and Kenya to help young people escape poverty through education and income generation.

Since 2004, their Build a School programme has worked with 88 schools and benefited over 100,000 children. They build classrooms, staff rooms, toilet blocks, water supplies and teachers' accommodation. They provide desks and books and teacher training.

Most importantly they make sure that the local community leads each project. They train and support school management committees and work with parents to ensure that the children receive the best education possible now and in the future.

The Brief

Build Africa are exclusively funded by donations from the public. In the harsh economic environment that existed in the first half of 2010 it was becoming increasingly difficult to sustain this revenue stream at a level that was sufficient to support their ongoing work.

Build Africa School

We were brought in to assist them to improve the performance of their existing online advertising campaigns as well as to facilitate the significant expansion of the programme via a recently obtained $10,000 per month advertising grant from Google.

The Solution

Although they already had Google Analytics in place in their website it was not linked to their online advertising. It was therefore impossible to assess the quality of the Visitor traffic that the online advertising was generating. Hence our first step was to create this linkage, thereby creating a tool with which to guide the remaining work.

We then conducted a full review of the new eCommerce site, paying particular to usability and Search Engine Optimisation. This allowed us to identify a variety of improvements to the design of the site in order both to improve its visibility in search Engine Results.

The next step was to optimise the performance of their advertising campaign. A wide variety of actions were taken to improve the quality of the Visitors that the campaigns were attracting and increase the level of traffic generated without increasing the overall spend.

After only one month dramatic results had already been achieved:

Overall AdWords Cost Average CPC Total Page Views Ave Page Views Average Time on Site Bounce Rate
-26.7% -16.7% +15.3% +17.9% +31.1% -11.9%

This early success was then consolidated with the help of the data gathered via Google Analytics; this allowed the relative effectiveness of different aspects of the advertising to be quantified, allowing the campaigns to be optimised accordingly.

Web Analytics Limited was subsequently awarded a contract for the ongoing management of Build Africa’s online advertising.